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Greek WPA Finder WiFi Hack

Greek WPA Finder WiFi Hack

WiFi Hack Android – Greek WPA Finder,

As the name suggests this WiFi hack Android app will only work on routers found in Greece.

So if you live in Greece or are just visiting and want to test the security of local WiFi routers this is the app you need to install.It will work on un-rooted Android devices and is free from the Play Store. It works in a very similar way to many of the other apps on this site.

greek wpa finder wifi android hack

   It uses known algorithms to calculate the WiFi password simply with a few taps of the screen. It does have the added benefit that you can enter the MAC address of any Greek router, even if it is out of range, this could be useful to help out a friend in Greece!We have not tested this app yet but it does have over 17,000 5 star reviews on the Play Store and we didn’t get any virus/malware warnings, there are a few adverts though.

  • When you first open the app you will be presented with this screen.  It will give you the option to enter the MAC address if you know it or just scan for all WiFi networks in range.
  • If you hit the scan button it will show you every WiFi network your Android device can see.  You can see the network name (SSID) and MAC address which is like a serial number and this is how the app finds the WiFi password and helps to crack it.

Greek WPA Finder WiFi Hack 2Then just tap on the network you want to test and it will automatically load the MAC address of WiFi router in to the box, then you just tap ‘Get Key’ to see the password!



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